Guy Sends A Cover Letter To His Tinder Match Whos A Business Teacher, Completely Nails It

Finding a romantic partner requires some serious hard work and takes a sizeable time investment. So plenty of people have turned to online dating apps like Tinder to make the process a little bit easier. And I’m sure that most of us know at least one friend who found true love on the app.

Because Tinder has become so popular, it’s getting harder and harder to get somebody’s attention. After all, how original can you be if every idea you can come up with has been done a hundred times before? But some people go the extra mile in their attempts to woo strangers. Take this one guy for example who decided to send out a dating ‘cover letter’ to a girl named Claire. Needless to say, the girl was impressed by his wit and candor. We can only hope that the pair had a successful first date and that everything’s going swimmingly for them.

Image credits: George Redgrave (not the actual photo)

What prompted the guy to joke about whether he should send her a CV or a cover letter was Claire’s bio which read “ it’s a bio, not a CV.” Claire showed that she had a good sense of humor as well when she posted a ‘job description’ and all the ‘responsibilities’ that come with dating her. That’s when the guy sent her the cover letter which was brutally honest about his pros and cons.

In case you need some help with your Tinder game, Cosmopolitan has a whole host of handy tips to get noticed. According to the magazine, you should consider making the first move even if you’re not used to doing that in real life. What’s more, you should put on a genuine smile in your photos. Oh, and you should probably wear some bright colors in your photos because the vast majority of people don’t do that. And finally, try to be original with your bio and when you message others. Because others want to see the real you, not a censored version of reality.

What do you think about online dating in general? Do you think it takes all the romance out of dating or has it become an inseparable part of modern life? How did you like the guy’s attempt at wooing the girl by sending her a relationship cover letter? Would you consider doing the same? Drop us a comment with your thoughts below!

The girl and guy’s interaction brought a smile to many a face on the internet

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